About Us

Dental Support Essentials was founded in Ohio by an administrator with over 20 years of dentistry experience.

Why was DSE started?

Have you heard that you need more front desk people or notice staff burn out? Dental offices around the country face this dilemma everyday. How do we get more done without payroll growing out of control? Why are once successful practices struggling to keep up with the work load?

The answer is insurance.

Almost all patients now have insurance. There are a multitude of plans, all with unique limitations and coverage. It takes time to check each and every plan. Insurance companies have online systems, but they often only tell part of the story. This requires additional time spent on the phone to verify eligibility. After treatment, a follow-up call is needed to track down payment. It may take you 45 minutes to place those fillings, and it may take your staff an hour to get payment for those fillings.

The front desk work load has drastically increased in the last 10 years. Staff are expected to be friendly with patients, answer the phone, keep the schedule full, manage recall, and make insurance verification calls. It is simply more work than it used to be. Unfortunately for the business owner, the practice has not seen a matching increase in reimbursement for this work.

As an office manager Sheri Jolly started looking for answers. How do you make sure insurance verification is done? How do you keep payroll under control? This was the beginning of Dental Support Essentials.

Patient’s have a choice for dentistry work and it is important that your office is warm and welcoming. It will matter how a patient feels when they are in your office. Is your staff friendly or unresponsive due to being on the telephone? Is the waiting room inviting, or ignored due to overworked staff?

Dental Support Essentials takes the burden off your front desk. They can focus on the interaction with the patients, making sure they are happy and well informed. We work behind the scenes to verify insurance, update benefits in your software, and follow up on claims that haven’t been paid in a timely manner. We also write appeals, make the phone calls, and increase your reimbursement. The best part? It cost less than hiring more employees. It also increases the checks and balances that safeguard your practice against embezzlement, employee turnover and slow collections.

We are proud to provide successful dental practices + modern business solutions.

The Founder — Sheri Jolly

Sheri began her dental career in 1995 as a dental receptionist in Hartville Ohio. She continued her career progression as a dental assistant & trainer until 2006 when she officially moved to the position of practice management. During her career Sheri has worked in every aspect of the dental practice including laboratory work and fabricating dentures.  

Sheri is a 2008 graduate of Malone University in Canton, Ohio, where she received a degree in business management. She has also received DANB dental assistant certification, attended Stark State College Dental Hygiene Program, and has attended numerous continuing education and training courses over her career.  Sheri currently serves on the executive board to the Joan Levy-Bisesi foundation.

Her management experience includes both general & specialty dentistry, dental practice operations, practice workflow, and dental insurance billing. 

The Team

Dental Support Essentials employs a team of full-time administrators with dental office experience to serve as account representatives. Our professional staff members are available to support your business in a variety of ways, from patient insurance verification to collecting on outstanding invoices. Let our expertise be your dental practice’s hidden strength.

Dental Support Essentials

Helping You Reach Your Potential

We have worked with both large and small dental practices to help them reach professional goals. Whether you want to setup a new practice or grow an existing business, our administrative support services will be the perfect compliment to your quality dental care.

We Give You Time For Quality Patient Care & Improved Collections