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How do you protect your accounts receivables from staff turnover?

The problem of finding and keeping good help is a common conversation among dentists these days.  Stories circulate of one person leaving and all of the sudden collections is down, candidates scheduling interviews and not showing up, and the staff telling the dentist they just can’t get it all done in a day.   In many cases payroll goes up and up and the performance goes down.

Is it you?   Is it your hours?  Is it the job?

The fact is the dental front desk job has changed.  It requires a lot more time focused on insurance. More time for someone to track down the payment for the care you provided.  This time will increase practice overhead but does not always increase reimbursement.  Front office employees need to do more for the same pay or less.  Many offices are too small to offer benefits like retirement and health insurance.  I believe these factors have contributed to the high turnover we are now seeing nationwide at the dental front desk.

How do you keep the system going consistently?     My answer; eliminate the frustrating and time-consuming tasks from the job completely.   You can now hire an outsourcing service to check eligibility, call on old claims and sent statement to your patients. This puts the workload on your existing staff back into balance. It reduces their stress level, it gives them more time to strengthen the relationship with your patients and, improves the quality of information they have to communicate with patients.

The best part is; no matter who is on vacation, gets the flu, or quits, your claims go out, your payments get posted and your A/R is always healthy.

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