Front Desk Support 

First impressions of your entire office are made at the front desk. Providing a comfortable environment for your patients is an important part of your dental practice. We provide in-depth training and coaching to ensure that your team is prepared for whatever may arise. 

Once trained, we can continue to provide support by lessening the paperwork burden on your front desk. We can complete all insurance eligibility verification and update information in your office’s management software. 

Dental Front Desk Staff Services 

  • Providing training and coaching to front desk personnel 
  • Training for treatment coordinators 
  • Insurance eligibility training 

Dental Accounts Receivables 

Our team will work tirelessly to improve your dental practice’s cash flow and streamline your billing processes. We specialize in the verification of insurance eligibility and the provision of virtual dental billing services. We provide an online extension of your office without the burden of payroll and employee management. 

Dental insurance has revolutionized the job description of front desk staff. Each region offers a variety of insurance plans and eligibility requirements. Tracking down the details of each plan is time-consuming and often requires specialized knowledge. 

In-house dental billing can be eliminated with DSE Practice Solutions. Our remote access capability allows us to streamline your current account receivables and set up a more efficient system for the future. There will be an improvement in your reimbursement rate, and your front desk staff will no longer be overburdened with paperwork. We provide these services to practices throughout Ohio and the surrounding regions. 

Accounts Receivables & Insurance Eligibility Verification Services:

  • Assessment of current receivables 
  • Resolve insurance receivables 
  • Verification of insurance eligibility 
  • Management of insurance billings, follow-up, and appeals 
  • Follow-up on collections 
  • Patient statements 
  • Credentialing 

Dental Practice Records Audit 

Whether you have cash flow problems or insurance billing issues, DSE Practice Solutions can help. We are able to perform a complete billing and records audit for dental practices. While some audits require on-site visits, most of the work can be done off-site. 

We will quote and bill each audit project individually. We have previously completed projects for attorneys, insurance agencies, as well as dental practice owners.

Recent News & Updates

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