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Have you grown to the point that you are now a multi-location practice? Are you a growth-minded, group practice, or small to mid-sized DSO? DSE Practice Solutions can help you centralize and streamline insurance, account receivables, credentialing, records reviews, admin training, call center services, or even full practice management. You can rely on our years of experience to ensure the success of your business.

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Improve Operations Efficiency

You’ve done the hard part – getting patients in the door and providing excellent care to them. It’s time to make sure you’re properly compensated! A timely reimbursement from insurance providers is crucial. 

We specialize in creating and implementing the systems that will ensure prompt, full reimbursement for every patient. You can shorten reimbursement times and improve your bottom line by putting in place the appropriate systems.


Getting the Most Out of your Multi-Location Practice

Running a multiple-location practice can be a challenge. And transitioning from a single-location practice to multiple locations has a learning curve. DSE Practice Solutions can help you with insurance, account receivables, credentialing, records reviews, admin training, call center services, or even full practice management. Let us help you keep the wheels turning at your practice through staffing changes and tight schedules so you can focus on dentistry while we handle the business.

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Family Owned and Operated Take the Stress out of Filing Insurance Claims by Using Processes that Work

It is important to distinguish between a productive practice and a profitable practice. Establishing a repeatable process with your team will make a significant difference in the amount you receive from the insurance company and the time it takes to receive the funds. Having a team dedicated to knowing the ins and outs of insurance can help alleviate the stress placed on your team. 

Keep your aging reports clean, keep your money in the bank, and maintain a healthy stress level by having a team member who is knowledgeable about insurance changes.



Providing the Solutions Your Business Needs to Survive

Call Center Service

  • Customizable - inbound/outbound

Insurance Accounts
Recievable Services

  • Cleaning up billing or taking over billing


Full Practice Management Support

  • So you can be the dentist, and we can handle the business

Admin Training

  • Training your admin team on insurance, phone, and scheduling
  • Limited software training

Records Review

  • Mandated audits because you are a Medicaid provider
  • Pre-practice sale to verify collectible/non-collectible accounts receivable
  • Specialty audits available in partnership with our law firm

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