DSE Practice Solutions Announces the Launch of Comprehensive Dental Practice Management Solutions

DSE Practice Solutions Announces the Launch of Comprehensive Dental Practice Management Solutions

by Bloomburg

Columbus, Ohio--(Newsfile Corp. - November 8, 2022) - DSE Practice Solutions has announced the launch of their comprehensive dental practice management solutions. DSE can now provide dental practices with a range of services including administration, billing support, front desk support, accounts receivable and HR services on a remote basis, allowing dentists to focus strictly on the clinical side of their business.

By the end of 2020, approximately 80% of Americans or 261 million had dental insurance. About two-thirds of them had private dental coverage, either through their employers or through individual plans, while others had coverage through Medicaid or some other government program. The steps for billing differ in each case and the paperwork and its processing can be complex and time consuming. Services like those provided by DSE Solutions help streamline and centralize insurance account receivables,and provide training to staff with regard to all other administrative functions so that dentists have more time to focus on providing clinical care to their patients.

The field of dentistry has witnessed the entry of big corporations, with groups known as dental support organizations acquiring individual dental practices and streamlining operations to reduce costs and create value. Dentists can opt to sell their practice to these organizations and retire or stay on for a fixed period as a salaried employee. This means that they will not be able to realize the full value of the practice they have built up when they retire.

Big dental practices can reduce costs as their operations are centralized and they have negotiating power with insurance companies and service providers. Independent dentists can't really compete with them and their practice would have a lot of inefficiencies. There would usually be one person who handles all the administrative and operational functions and things fall apart when that person is on leave or quits, putting a further burden on the dentist. The services offered by DSE solutions serve as a feasible alternative. DSE gives them the option to continue to do what they love while it takes care of the business side of things. The dentists continue to retain ownership of their practice while paying DSE a fixed fee for their services.

Commenting on the launch of the dental practice management service, Sheri Jolly, Founder, Owner and Consultant of DSE Practice Solutions said, "Dentists are clinicians by training and they are not always trained to run a business. What we do is run their business for them with optimal use of technology to empower the dental team. We assess each practice on an individual basis and provide them with the services they require. Earlier, we used to provide only billing support. But now we have extended this service to provide support with management, HR, marketing, appointment scheduling, and all the insurance functions in a streamlined and centralized manner. Dentists can opt to give us management control over one or all of their functions, depending on their needs, and at the same time don't have to give up ownership. We help them to maintain and increase their profitability while remaining patient-centric. This means that they do not have to give up what they have built through their hard work to large corporations and worry about income during their retirement."

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